Klean Can Wipes:

How Clean Is Your Can?!

                                         Want to clean your dirty can?


 Now you can clean with:



 Klean Can™ wipes are beverage can spout and brim cleansing wipes. To rid your next favorite canned beverage free of potential germs, diseases and other health hazards.


Klean Can™ wipes are a convenient, safe and inexpensive way to have peace of mind when drinking from your next favorite canned beverage.


The Klean Can™ wipes pack consists of 7 cleansing wipes and the re-closeable/re-useable packaging. Klean can™ wipes fit in your pocket, purse or wallet. There always ready to clean you and family's next canned refreshment from any germs, diseases or other potential health hazards.


The Klean Can™ product packaging corner serves as the "Krevis Kleaner"™ tool, Use the enclosed wipe and the "Krevis Kleaner"™ to cleanse the recessed "Krevis" area of the beverage can



Klean Can Wipes infomercial


Next time you wonder "Do I have a dirty can"? When opening your next cold canned beverage.

Be sure its "Klean" and reach for your pack of, Klean Can:Beverage Can Cleansing Wipes.     


Klean Can™ wipes are great for Flea markets, swap meets, canned vending, lunch trucks, hotdog vending, functions/events, Overseas Travel, and so many more


Each pack of Klean Can wipes are individually hand made and hand packed

Klean Can wipes are PROUDLY made in the America!!

                                               Please take note: WARNING! 

Klean Can wipes contain medical grade 70% Isopropyl. On the rarity you may be allergic to isopropyl alcohol, please don't not purchase, as for I/We are not responsible. 

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your Klean Can™ wipes.

                                                             A huge Thank you from

The Crafty Ideas & Creations© family and Team Klean Can™